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ITC Learning is the leader in Industrial Skills Training, with over 30 years of service to 6000 organizations and more than one million users. With the largest comprehensive library of courseware for Electrical and Mechanical training, Instrumentation Training and Hydraulic Training, our industrial skills training programs are designed to fit your budget and deliver calculable results. All ITC Learning courses have been designed to provide real time solutions to real time maintenance and operations situations in a real environment. ITC Learning’s industrial training courseware helps reduce downtime, minimize scrap and contribute to the bottom line.

Content accuracy along with the best in instructional learning design has helped ITC Learning maintain a reputable position of leadership with its customers throughout the world. All of our online industrial training material is reviewed by Subject Matter Experts for accuracy and evaluated to meet the top safety, environmental and compliance standards set by SCORM and AICC.

ITC Learning offers a variety of formats designed to meet the particular needs of the plant or corporate facility. ITC Learning has more than 150 separate courses in the ACTIV CD-ROM format, as well as more than 150 courses available for either Video or DVD delivery. With more than 300 individual iKNOW courses for E-Learning and a catalog that continues to grow, ITC Learning is the ideal source for industrial training courses. Whether you require industrial training courses that enables employees to learn at their own pace or courseware that facilitates intensive group training sessions, ITC Learning is prepared to equip you with the industrial training curriculum needed to improve the quality and speed of your manufacturing process.

After years of rigorous research and feedback from our consumers, ITC Learning developed a Learning Portal that houses interactive and easily accessible online industrial training tools. The iKNOW Learning Portal can be accessed at any time to simplify training activities and provide employees with dependable resources. With ITC Learning’s Learning Portal, employers can track, manage and monitor progress effortlessly. Our results driven industrial skills courses are engineered to keep employees engaged with 30-45 minute modules that include animation, audio and real-time practice sessions.

The demand for technicians with industrial skills such as manufacturing training, hydraulic training and instrumentation training is continuously growing. Our popular technical training programs take into consideration the need for reliable industrial training and emerging technological advances. ITC Learning invites you to join the thousands of users that have already increased profitability and improved operational efficiency. Sign Up Now for a FREE iKNOW Trial!