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Posts from October 2010


October 21, 2010

Training offers you many options today — from traditional classroom instruction, with hands-on practice, to the latest in technology-based training. But, which method is best for your situation? Let’s examine some of the pros and cons. For training a large number of students in a relatively short amount of time, the better training method may be one that can be administered to a large group. If cost is no issue, classroom instruction...


October 19, 2010

Skills training is the antithesis of the memorization techniques incorporated in education and information conveyance. Skills training demands “doing” — whether it be: a) hands-on , or b) vicarious (videotape or film), or c) simulation (IVD, CD-ROM or knowledgeably designed e-Learning) We memorize to learn new information. But, we practice by “doing” — if we want to acquire, or enhance, a skill. It’s also worth noting the history of reading-based (with a...


October 14, 2010

If you’re connected with Training or Education in any way, you’ve been inundated with the hype surrounding E-Learning. If one chooses to believe everything one hears and reads, E-Learning is the learning technology of choice. You may think you know what that term, E-Learning, means — but, I would ask you to think again. Courses that run successfully over the Web may, or MAY NOT, be effective training/education for your trainees/students. In...


October 12, 2010

To read about the training industry today one would think that it has become a synonym for E-Learning. More and more is being written about the growing acceptance of E-Learning. And, in terms of future potential, these writers are correct. However — and, this is a big “However” — as a learning tool, current E-Learning courseware misses the mark! It has certain cost and availability advantages — but, fails to deliver on...


October 7, 2010

Training . . . It sure ain’t what it used to be! Nope — we’ve come a long way down the technology trail in the past three decades. The training challenges for our industrial workforce have been immense. And, the trade-offs involving instructional design, production values, plus cost and efficiency issues have complicated the entire process. However, the heart of the matter has not changed. Learning values have always been balanced against...


October 5, 2010

“Education always trails Training by ten years or more when it comes to adopting new learning innovations.” That generalization has been around for several decades — and, for good reason. Education is so institutionalized that it arrogantly believes that, “What was good for us before is good enough today.” Consequently, they expect their students to adapt to “their way” instead of adapting themselves to the changes in the learning culture that have...