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Posts from June 2017


June 28, 2017

We must begin planning better education and training tracks for our future industrial workforce. Instead of sending everyone into the same college track, we must recognize that interests, talents and innate skills vary from individual to individual.  It’s that recognition that must guide us. With that thought in mind, let’s concentrate on the most forgotten members of our population — our emerging, and critically necessary, industrial workforce. Keith Nosbusch, recently retired Chairman...


June 26, 2017

 Learning is not merely memorization of information.  Learning is the mental response to informational stimulation, which turns into reflection and new awareness. Meaningful learning initiates action and change, which results in heightened values and skills. Very few individuals will possess the gifts necessary to create meaningful instructional design.  And that fact, coupled with high production costs, is why the “do-it-yourself” purveyors will fail. Today, learner-controlled e-Learning is the best answer for effective...


June 21, 2017

(additional considerations) Before finalizing your e-Learning purchases, in addition to the general considerations we pointed out on Monday, you should also pay close attention to some specific criteria: Is the navigation through the course simple, consistent and intuitive.  In other words, are the screens user-friendly and obvious to the learner? Is the instruction both meaningful and interactive.  In other words, are the individual units of the instruction performance-based and do they require...

SO, YOU WANT TO BUY e-LEARNING? (A Few Considerations)

June 19, 2017

The purchasing process becomes the key that can open the lock-of-possibility for the potential success of the media skills training you provide your workforce! More “live to regret it” decisions are made during that buying process than you can probably imagine.  Worse, the wasted money that your company will spend — and, the wasted time your workers will invest in ineffective training initiatives — will do far more harm than good, if...


June 14, 2017

“The objective of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives.” – – – Robert Maynard Hutchins Hutchins was the great American educator of the twentieth century.  For much of his exceptional career, he served as President of The University of Chicago (1929-1945 and Chancellor, 1945-1951) and is often remembered for his championing of “The Great Books.” Today, St. John’s College of Annapolis is most often associated with...


June 12, 2017

After an unexpected three week absence, I’m happy to be back posting again.  And, I’d like to start with a bit of history. To understand the power of visual-based e-Learning, it is instructive to look at the visual learning technologies that preceded it. The first generic industrial training video course was produced by NUS Corporation (Rockville, Maryland) in 1973.  It was produced for the nuclear power industry and was in black and...