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Posts from July 2018


July 30, 2018

For decades, decentralized companies have had to cope with training challenges that included lack of standardization, inconsistency, and facilitation challenges.  An absence of centralized record-keeping has also negatively impacted their efforts. We’ve seen how modern LMS’s have addressed the latter issue and, today, e-Learning is effectively solving the other challenges. One such multi-national company has commented publicly about the positive impacts made on their organization by a corporate-installed LMS and, most importantly,...


July 25, 2018

For several years now I have been singing the praises of a liberal arts education.  (A liberal arts education is generally accepted as covering the following fields:  the Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Formal Sciences.) Recently, however, I have been writing in defense of liberal arts as more and more universities are not only emphasizing a STEM education but, more disturbingly, reducing the importance of the Humanities in their offerings. This...


July 23, 2018

Some courseware vendors promote their pre-tests as prescriptive tools.  If a trainee passes certain sections of the pre-test, she will be automatically taken only to those learning units she did not pass.  She will not be directed to the other learning units. There is a real danger with this practice and having produced more than four hundred training courses as co-Founder and former CEO of ITC, I steadfastly avoided this process (with...


July 9, 2018

“Big Jay”, as he was known in the community, dropped out of school in the tenth grade.  He decided that school had failed to serve his needs, and felt that getting out in the world and earning money would be more of a help to his mother and younger brothers and sisters.  “Big Jay” had to weigh his career options, and turned to what he found to be the most expedient choice: ...


July 2, 2018

A couple of years ago, a colleague asked me to research a particular skills training provider —- a vendor that was previously unknown to me.  I always enjoy those research tasks as it allows me to keep up with the new directions the skills training world might be taking. So, I happily went about that assignment and started my google search. Imagine my surprise when I accessed that vendor’s website and discovered...