The current political discourse troubles me.  In some ways, it brought back the ironic echoes in “Mending Wall” by Robert Frost, a poem I first encountered many, many decades ago.

This blog has concentrated on issues relating to training and education.  Today’s post will be short as I feel, when listening to our nation’s current political leaders speak, “education” is disrespected.  And, my education holds the highest place in my life experiences — one that I credit my country for providing.

Public School education was built around the 3 R’s in the 1930s and 1940s.  My first grade teacher, Miss Kavanaugh, introduced me and my classmates to the world of learning in 1939.  Under her guidance, we worked to master reading, writing and arithmetic.  It paid off.  We respected factual truths and we loved the learning experience.  Above all, our education was fact-based and free from the politicians and special interests who have insidiously wormed their way into twenty-first century American public school education.

Mostly, what Miss Kavanaugh and the teachers who followed instilled in me was a love for learning.  Consequently, the majority of my actual education has occurred since I left college.  Some of it due to experience and, most of it, because I continued to read and learn on my own.  However, I can thank Miss Kavanaugh and her peers for that as well.

Today I see a much-weakened American public school system that is kicked around by state legislatures and their special interest constituents.  Point of view, myths and censorship all have a fact-based public school system under attack.

Educators should develop curriculum.  Educators should decide on text books.  The special interests should stay out of “public” education.  Let our children encounter the literature that educators believe will best serve their needs.

Why do I go here today?

Simple.  I am more than a little angered by a constant stream of lies being passed off as facts from too many of our political leaders.  The harm those lies are doing to American children who have to be confused: “How can this country allow liars to be our leaders?”

Where are the truth tellers and the defenders of the American promise?

I’m past tired of seeing Americans simply wink at the liars.  Unacceptable!

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 — Bill Walton, co-Founder, ITC Learning
January 9, 2019
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