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EV Charging

Electric Vehicle Skills

This comprehensive interactive multimedia training program consists of six individual lessons that train participants on the basics of EV Chargers, how to commission and connect them, and how to diagnose and maintain various EV Chargers.

Audience: This program is intended for both beginner and experienced technicians who need training and knowledge of EV Chargers.

Number of Courses: 6

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Course 1 – Introduction to EV Charging

Prerequisites: This lesson is designed so that no prior knowledge is required.

Description: As an EV charging technician, your primary role is to ensure that the electric vehicle charging station is functioning properly and providing reliable service to customers.


  • Define electrical descriptions
  • Recognize the power needs of Electrical Vehicles (EV) stations
  • Identify EV charging station levels and components

Course 2 – EV Charging Basics

Prerequisites: Introduction to EV charging course.

Description: TThis course will describe the basics of EV charging.


  • Overview of the 3 main EV chargers in the market today, including relevant terminology
  • Understand the main components of each type of charger and their typical uses
  • Learn the installation types, best practices, and network connectivity of chargers
  • Description of EV charger preventative maintenance and the typical failures that will be encountered in the field

Course 3 – Installation

Prerequisites: Introduction to EV charging course.

Description: This lesson covers different installation practices commonly used to install EV Chargers.


  • Learn how to install different types of EV Chargers and their use cases
  • Provide guidance to customers when selecting type of charger and installation
  • Knowledge of practices to commission and start up the charger

Course 4 – Connectivity

Prerequisites: Introduction to EV charging course.

Description: This lesson will outline the different connectivity methods used to network EV Chargers.


  • Support the customer in deciding which method is best for their application.
  • Connect the charger to each connection method.
  • Ensure the connection method is working during the commissioning phase.

Course 5 – Troubleshooting and Preventive Maintenance

Prerequisites: The four previous courses in the EV Charging library.

Description: TThis lesson will outline the most common issues found in the field related to EV chargers, how to troubleshoot and correct different issues and detail where to find EV Charger brand specific information to be able to resolve maintenance issues.


  • Obtain a thorough understanding on how to troubleshoot and correct EV Charger issues.
  • Learn about where to find all necessary information to troubleshoot EV Chargers.
  • Knowledge of how long it will take to identify and resolve troubleshooting issues.

Course 6 – Standards and Regulations

Prerequisites: Introduction to EV charging course.

Description: This lesson will cover the major electrical and mechanical requirements needed to install an EV Charger.


  • Knowledge of the major electrical and mechanical requirements of EV Chargers and where to find them.
  • Learn how to interpret each standard and regulation.
  • Apply the relevant standards and regulations.