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Posts from March 2011

Air Compressor Training: There is no such thing as a free lunch, not even air

March 31, 2011

Air is a free resource which we use every day, and yet we take it for granted that it’s always there and free. But in an industrial plant compressed air is a costly utility and at times taken for granted, especially  if your employees don’t understand the importance of it. Why isn’t compressed air free? Compressed air is expensive to produce and frequently used inefficiently, so the cost of running your electrical...

Vocational Training Skills vs. Four-Year Degrees

March 24, 2011

New study suggests a lack of vocational training skills for high school graduates affecting workforce While the unemployment rate fell to its lowest rate in two years in February, an old debate has surfaced on the heels of a report from Harvard University’s Pathways to Prosperity project. At its core, the report says that there are not enough alternatives to the traditional four-year education by way of vocational training skills. It is...

The Importance of Industrial Process Control

March 22, 2011

Most gamblers spend their lifetime guessing, but an industrial manager doesn’t have that luxury. Control system failure in an industrial plant is never really an option, but if and when it does happen it’s important to be prepared. For process and manufacturing facilities, control system failure — even for a second — will cause tremendous damage. But with the right training skills any crisis can be handled smoothly. When it comes to...

What is SCORM?

March 17, 2011

What does SCORM compliant mean? SCORM stands for Sharable Courseware Object Reference Model (SCORM), which is a set of specifications that, when applied to course content, produces small, reusable e-Learning objects. A result of the Department of Defense’s Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) initiative, SCORM-compliant courseware elements are easily merged with other compliant elements to produce a highly modular repository of training materials.

Why Boiler Control Training?

March 15, 2011

Boiler systems are often the most commonly used steam or hot water generators in an industrial plant. As a result, great care and attention should be given to ensure that they continue to operate efficiently and safely while responding rapidly to changes. By incorporating boiler training into your plant’s training program, it will allow your employees to develop better control techniques, as well as enable you to have greater flexibility in deciding...