Beige Book Results Should Encourage Online Industrial Training

The Beige Book is a regional review released eight times per year by the Federal Reserve which surveys each of the Fed’s regional banking districts. The most recent report was released on Wednesday of this week and found that conditions in the U.S. economy grew moderately in most regions throughout the April-May period. Growth ranged from moderate to modest in 10 of the 12 banking districts, while the Boston district remained steady and the Philadelphia district slowed.

According to the Beige Book hiring also rose slightly, which conflicts with the governments glum job report released last week. According to last week’s report, employers have added fewer jobs during the month of May and the unemployment rate rose to 8.2 percent. Most likely the European economic downturn has employers sitting on their hands with regards to hiring. However, in the Beige Book report manufacturing is said to have continued to expand in most districts.

With manufacturing on a slow and steady rise towards continued expansion, employers are given the opportunity to develop their current workforce through industrial training such as control training, air compressor training, boiler training and hydraulic training.  By encouraging their staff to learn today’s standards and allowing them to apply their newly learned industrial skills on the job, employers will benefit not only themselves but also the production abilities of their employees.

Perhaps one of the easiest and most effective ways to implement industrial training is through online courseware. However, when researching prospective industrial training programs, make sure you choose one that offers an array of manufacturing training programs in a variety of formats.

ITC Learning not only offers online manufacturing training with audio, graphics, animations and interactive lessons but also has full motion video courseware and industrial training courseware on CDs and DVDs. With lessons designed specifically for today’s plant worker, ITC Learning is able to provide comprehensive modules that will develop and strengthen the industrial skills of any given workforce. And, ITC Learning meets both AICC and SCORM compliance standards.