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Electrical Training

Another Month of Growth Shows Promise for 2012 Manufacturing

March 1, 2012

Thus far into the new year, the economy has seen promising growth. Factories have been fulfilling more orders, retailers have been making more sales and more jobs have been created as a result. On Wednesday morning, the Federal Reserve reported all 12 of the banking districts have seen growth all through January as well as during the first half of February. Thanks to the positive economic growth the manufacturing industry has also...

South Korea’s Samsung Group to Create Thousands of Industrial Jobs

January 19, 2012

On Tuesday the Samsung Group, an electronics firm headquartered in South Korea, announced they will invest upwards of 47.8 trillion won, which translates to approximately 41.56 billion U.S. dollars, in expansion. They plan to spend this year which will prompt them to hire nearly 26,000 new employees. The electronics conglomerate has proposed to largely invest funds in their new business segment. The group is made up of 66 affiliates which range from...

Industrial Training Tips

November 17, 2011

When it comes to training industrial employees, creating a program that is tailored to your organizations specific needs is key. If your training initiatives are not planned with your employees in mind, there’s a good chance you will not achieve your desired outcome. As a manager your priority is to make sure the implemented training program is effective and maximizes your return on investment. Here are a few tips to ensure your...

Lack of Electrical Training Will Shock You…Literally

August 30, 2011

As we have mentioned time and time again, occupational safety training is essential to any industrial job. Young and new employees are more likely to be injured on the job than experienced workers. However, hundreds of thousands of industrial workers, new and experienced, are injured every year while working. Training and re-training your employees can not only benefit your business but also their well-being. Anytime an employee handles an electrical circuit, there...

With manufacturing technology up, can your workforce keep up?

April 28, 2011

In February, the Association for Manufacturing Technology released a survey that found that manufacturing technology consumption was up 138.1 percent since February of 2010. Companies looking to up their output are investing in technology to expedite and streamline the production process. “The dramatic year-over-year growth further underscores the manufacturing renaissance that is taking place,” said Douglas K. Woods, President of AMT. To get a detailed report, you can check out the full...

Factories see payroll expansion for fourth month in a row

April 1, 2011

Factories added 17,000 jobs in March as unemployment rate dips to two-year low March marked the fourth month in a row, unemployment declined in March. Nearly 216,000 new jobs were added. Since the beginning of 2011, unemployment fell a full percentage point, the largest drop since 1983. Among industries that expanded payroll were factories. With the addition of 17,000 jobs in March, it marked the fifth month in a row of growth...

What is SCORM?

March 17, 2011

What does SCORM compliant mean? SCORM stands for Sharable Courseware Object Reference Model (SCORM), which is a set of specifications that, when applied to course content, produces small, reusable e-Learning objects. A result of the Department of Defense’s Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) initiative, SCORM-compliant courseware elements are easily merged with other compliant elements to produce a highly modular repository of training materials.

Electrical Safety Training

March 1, 2010

In the industrial field, electrical safety training is just as important as plant safety. Equipments that are safe under normal working conditions can be unsafe when they’re not working properly. Any employee assigned to task associated with electrical energy should be qualified and trained to perform the job. Employees assigned to work near electrical equipment should at least know the common safety rules. ITC Learning’s electrical safety training course is the ideal...

Training Industrial Electricians

February 1, 2010

If you’re looking for training that teaches your industrial employees theory, operation procedures and troubleshooting skills, we can help.  We have a full curriculum of courses for industrial companies to choose from. Our electrical courses have been designed to give your employees an in-depth understanding of the different electrical concepts, their fundamentals, how electrical motors and drives work, how to read blueprints, and much more.  Whether you’re a company that contracts out...

Developing your employees maintenance and industrial skills

December 2, 2009

Companies that need to develop or improve their employee’s industrial maintenance training knowledge are often unsure of where to start. Well, ITC Learning has the answer to that question. Our online skills based assessment tools will evaluate your employee’s skills to accurately identify the areas that need to be improved or refreshed. This is a simple and easy process. The online skills based assessment will provide each of your employees with an...