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Maintenance Training

Developing your industrial managers training skills

December 16, 2009

Training skilled employees starts with training the manager or supervisor. Before you select a manager to train your industrial and manufacturing employees, you should identify if they have the ability to teach others, strong facilitation skills, and patience. But the most important characteristic is that the selected trainer should be knowledgeable about the subject they will be teaching. This is important because they’re the ones in charge of administering the training program....

Developing your employees maintenance and industrial skills

December 2, 2009

Companies that need to develop or improve their employee’s industrial maintenance training knowledge are often unsure of where to start. Well, ITC Learning has the answer to that question. Our online skills based assessment tools will evaluate your employee’s skills to accurately identify the areas that need to be improved or refreshed. This is a simple and easy process. The online skills based assessment will provide each of your employees with an...