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Manufacturing Index Report Offers a Dim Outlook

July 5, 2012

On Monday, the Institute for Supply Management reported that the manufacturing index dropped to 49.7. May’s index came in at 53.5, naming June’s 49.7 reading the lowest since July of 2009.

Time to Tackle the Skilled Worker Shortage

July 2, 2012

On Thursday the United States Commerce Department reported there was little to no change in their final estimate for growth during the January to March quarter.

How Others Have Tackled the Need for Industrial Training

June 14, 2012

Over and over again we stress the importance of manufacturing training, as it is critical to the development of industrial skill sets within any workforce. Some manufacturers choose to search for skilled laborers while others opt to implement industrial training programs to further the skills of their current employees.

Surveys Point to Industrial Training as a Solution

June 12, 2012

The recent 2012 Executive Employer Survey was released by Littler Mendelson, P.C. and interviewed an array of corporate executives who are generally in charge of hiring and management of human capital. The survey found that most respondents, approximately 71 percent, plan to continue hiring in the coming year, while only 8 percent plan to lay off full time employees. Respondents to the survey also noted that some leading challenges they face include...

Industrial Skills Training on a Budget

May 31, 2012

The recent spike in job openings and the dip in unemployment rates offers new hope for the once struggling manufacturing industry. The next issue to tackle is that of baby boomer retirement. With budgets still tight and baby boomers nearing retirement with each passing day, manufacturers must invest in industrial training to preserve the knowledge that will be lost when this experienced generation leaves the workforce. So what are some industrial skills...

While Unemployment Falls Industrial Training Should Increase

May 30, 2012

The Labor Department reported earlier this month that during the month of April the unemployment rates in two thirds of U.S. states fell, suggesting continued economic growth as this year progresses. In most states the unemployment rate dropped below the national average of 8.1percent, recorded during the previous month.  In April of 2012 the unemployment rates in 22 of the U.S. states came in below 7 percent, compared to just 13 states...

The Importance of Industrial Maintenance Training

May 29, 2012

Time and time again we have stressed the importance of maintenance training. Industrial maintenance training is so critical to any given manufacturers success because it ensures all of your factory equipment, new and old, is functioning both efficiently and effectively for maximum production output. Industrial maintenance training, though goes way beyond simply educating your workforce on the ins and outs of your plant’s machinery. Proper maintenance training teaches trainees how to recognize...

Manufacturers Jumping on the Industrial Training Bandwagon

May 22, 2012

It should come as no surprise that many manufacturers both large and small are facing a severe shortage when it comes to finding a skilled production workforce. Because the skilled labor gap continues to widen, manufacturers are stepping up, finding training partners and implementing industrial training on their own in order to remain competitive and to meet their plant’s needs. Darlene Miller, CEO of Permac Industries, said “Finding skilled and trained workers...

The Importance of Welding Training

May 15, 2012

With e-learning, quality welding training is just a click away. In today’s industrial arena the demand for skilled workers has become a rising issue. With online courseware you can obtain new industrial skill sets both quickly and effectively. So, why should you consider welding training? Simple, because any form of industrial training is an investment in yourself, whether it be for an individual worker or a company as a whole. And, if...