Mechanical Maintenance Fundamentals

This comprehensive training program consists of fifteen videotapes/DVD’s that train students in mechanical maintenance fundamentals such as shop practices, measuring instruments, and print reading as well as maintenance procedures for bearings.

Audience: This program is excellent both for the training of maintenance personnel as well as for the multi-craft training needs of process and manufacturing facilities.

General Shop Practices (3 Tape Set)


General Shop Practices – Tape 1

  • Blank Flange Layout
  • Drilling Pilot Holes
  • Drilling Finished Holes
  • Countersinking
  • Counterboring Rectangular Plate Layout

General Shop Practices – Tape 2

  • Grinding Wheels
  • Grinding Wheel Inspection and Mounting
  • Testing and Truing a Grinding Wheel
  • Rough Grinding a Steel Flange
  • Grinding Soft Metals
  • Tool Sharpening
  • Installing a Wire Brush Wheel

General Shop Practices – Tape 3

  • Inspecting a Horizontal Band Saw
  • Setting Up and Cutting Flat Iron
  • Mounting Work for a 45° Angle Cut
  • Cutting Aluminum
  • Removing a Blade
  • Installing a Blade
  • Cutting Stainless Steel Using the Work Stop

Hand Tools (2 Tape Set)


Hand Tools – Tape 1

  • Vises and Clamps
  • Screwdrivers
  • Hammers, Mallets and Sledges
  • Punches
  • Non-Adjustable Wrenches
  • Socket Wrenches
  • Adjustable Wrenches
  • Torque Wrenches
  • Pliers

Hand Tools – Tape 2

  • Snips and Hacksaws
  • Chisels
  • Power Hand Tools
  • Taps
  • Dies and Reamers
  • Files

Measuring Instruments


  • The Steel Rule
  • The Vernier Caliper
  • The Outside Micrometer
  • The Outside Vernier Micrometer
  • Inside and Depth Micrometers
  • Telescoping and Thickness Gauges
  • The Dial Indicator

Mechanical Print Reading


  • Visible and Hidden Lines
  • Sectional Views
  • Break Lines and Phantom Lines
  • Dimensions
  • Isometric Drawings and Orthographic Projections
  • Screw Threads and Surface Finish
  • Written Information

Bolting and Fastening


  • Fastener Performance
  • Proper Preloading
  • Fastener Designs
  • Fastener Installation
  • Bolting Patterns
  • Lubricating Fasteners
  • Locking Devices
  • Frozen Fasteners

Rigging and Lifting (4 Tape Set)


Rigging and Lifting – Tape 1

  • Hand-Operated Hoists
  • Planning and Equipment Selection
  • Hoist Inspection
  • Sling Inspection
  • Shackle and Trolley Inspection
  • Lifting Equipment Installation
  • Inverting a Load
  • Rigging Disassembly and Review

Rigging and Lifting – Tape 2

  • Introduction to Overhead Traveling Cranes
  • Performing an Operational Inspection on an Overhead Traveling Crane
  • Performing a Single-Point Lift Using an Overhead Traveling Crane
  • Using a Spreader Bar
  • Lifting Irregularly Shaped Loads
  • Lifting a Long, Balanced Load

Rigging and Lifting – Tape 3

  • Inspecting a Mobile Crane
  • Test Driving a Mobile Crane and Communicating with Audible Signals and Hand Signals
  • Performing a Four-Point Lift Using a Mobile Crane
  • Rigging, Lifting, and Transporting Various Loads Using a Mobile Crane
  • Static and Operational Inspection of a Forklift
  • Maneuvering Around a Tight Corner and Backing with a Large Load Using a Forklift
  • Removing a Pallet from a Truck Using a Forklift
  • Unstacking and Stacking Pallets Using a Forklift

Rigging and Lifting – Tape 4

  • Components of Ladders and Ladder Selection
  • Inspecting and Using a Single Ladder
  • Inspecting and Using an Extension Ladder
  • Climbing and Lowering an Extension Ladder
  • Inspecting and Using a Stepladder
  • Selecting and Inspecting Tubular or Welded Frame Scaffolding
  • Erecting a Fixed Scaffold
  • Completing Assembly and Using the Scaffold
  • Inspecting and Using a Suspended Scaffold

Bearings and Lubrication (3 Tape Set)


Bearings and Lubrication – Tape 1

  • Introduction to Bearings
  • Disassembling and Inspecting a Plain Journal Bearing
  • Checking the Oil Clearance of a Plain Journal Bearing Using a Micrometer and a Telescoping Gauge
  • Performing a Bearing Contact Check
  • Checking the Oil Clearance of a Plain Journal Bearing Using Lead Wire
  • Assembling a Plain Journal Bearing

Bearings and Lubrication – Tape 2

  • Introduction to Anti-Friction Journal Bearings
  • Maintenance of Tapered Roller Bearings in a Gear-Type Speed Reducer
  • Removing the Top Housing from a Speed Reducer
  • Removing a Shaft and Bearing from a Gear Reducer
  • Removing the Bearing Inner Ring from the Shaft
  • Cleaning and Inspecting an Anti-Friction Bearing
  • Replacing and Assembling an Anti-Friction Bearing
  • Using a Bearing Puller

Bearings and Lubrication – Tape 3

  • Introduction to Thrust Bearings
  • Tilting Pad, Oil Film Thrust Bearings
  • Disassembling a Tilting Pad, Oil Film Thrust Bearing
  • Disassembling and Inspecting the Thrust Bearing Assembly
  • Reassembling a Tilting Pad, Oil Film Thrust Bearing
  • Final Assembly of a Tilting Pad, Oil Film Thrust Bearing
  • Bearing Lubrication
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