Other Mechanical Maintenance Subjects

This comprehensive training program consists of twelve videotapes/DVD’s that train students to maintain a variety of special equipment, including boilers, turbines, and diesel engines.

Audience: This program is excellent both for the training of maintenance mechanics as well as for the multi-craft training needs of process and manufacturing facilities.

Boilers and Boiler Equipment (2 Tape Set)


Boilers and Boiler Equipment – Tape 1


  • Identifying Boiler Tube Damage
  • Repairing a Waterwall Tube by Pad Welding
  • Removing a Section of Boiler Tube
  • Preparing to Install a New Section of Tube
  • Cutting Windows in the New Tube
  • Installing a Replacement Tube

Boilers and Boiler Equipment – Tape 2

  • Gauge Glass Operation and Disassembly
  • Cover Disassembly and Reassembly
  • Gauge Glass Assembly Completion
  • Soot Blower Disassembly
  • Final Soot Blower Disassembly
  • Poppet Valve Disassembly, Cleaning, and Inspection
  • Thrust Bearing Inspection

Auxiliary Steam Turbines (3 Tape Set)


Auxiliary Steam Turbines – Tape 1


  • Turbine Operation
  • Removing the Casing
  • Measuring Thrust
  • Measuring the Rotor-to-Nozzle Clearance
  • Removing and Measuring Carbon Rings
  • Checking Shaft and Wheel Runout and Backlash
  • Removing the Rotor and Checking Bearing Clearance

Auxiliary Steam Turbines – Tape 2

  • Cleaning Turbine Parts
  • Inspecting Turbine Parts
  • Adjusting Nozzle Clearance
  • Theoretical Clearance Measurements
  • Actual Clearance Measurements
  • Installing the Packing and Wheel Cover
  • Turbine Overhaul Guidelines

Auxiliary Steam Turbines – Tape 3

  • Mechanical & Hydraulic Governors
  • Maintaining Hydraulic Governors
  • Mechanical-Hydraulic Governors
  • Overspeed Trip Mechanisms
  • Overspeed Sensor Maintenance

Coal and Ash Handling Equipment (2 Tape Set)


Coal and Ash Handling Equipment – Tape 1


  • Preparing a Conveyor Belt for Maintenance
  • Cutting a Conveyor Belt
  • Punching Holes in the Belt for a Bolted Fastener
  • Assembling and Installing Metal Fasteners
  • Completing the Bolted Metal Splice
  • Preparing a Belt for Splicing with Riveted Solid Metal Fasteners
  • Completing the Riveted Solid Metal Splice
  • Installing a Riveted Hinged
  • Splice and Aligning the Belt

Coal and Ash Handling Equipment – Tape 2

  • Re-Blading and Balancing a Pulverizer Exhauster
  • Disassembling a Control Valve
  • Removing the Seat and Disc
  • Reassembling the Control Valve
  • Disassembling and Inspecting an Air Piston Operator
  • Reassembling an Air Piston Operator
  • Water Jet Exhauster Operation and Inspection
  • Assembling a Water Jet Exhauster

Diesel Engines (3 Tape Set)


Diesel Engines – Tape 1


  • Engine Operation
  • Two-Stroke and Four-Stroke Engine Cycles
  • The Air Intake System
  • The Fuel System
  • The Exhaust System
  • The Lubricating Oil System
  • The Cooling System

Diesel Engines – Tape 2

  • Checking the Oil Level
  • Changing a Cartridge Type Oil Filter
  • Changing the Oil
  • Maintaining an Oil Filter Housing
  • Replacing an Oil Filter and Adding Oil
  • Replacing a Dry Element Air Cleaner
  • Maintaining an Oil Bath Air Cleaner

Diesel Engines – Tape 3

  • Draining a Fuel Tank
  • Removing a Fuel Filter
  • Reinstalling a Fuel Filter
  • Checking the Coolant
  • Locating a Leak in the Cooling System
  • Engine Timing
  • Checking Exhaust Valve Timing
  • Checking Injector Timing

Hydraulic Equipment (2 Tape Set)


Hydraulic Equipment – Tape 1


  • Basic Hydraulic Systems
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Disassembly
  • Shaft Runout
  • Cylinder Reassembly
  • Control Valve Disassembly
  • Control Valve Inspection and Reassembly

Hydraulic Equipment – Tape 2

  • Gear Pump Disassembly
  • Parts Inspection
  • Gear Pump Reassembly
  • Vane Pump Disassembly
  • Inspection
  • Vane Pump Reassembly
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