Ergonomics—Back Safety (1-2 hours of training)

This comprehensive interactive multimedia-training program consists of one lesson that provides general musculoskeletal system and ergonomic back safety definitions and shows how to recognize workplace back injury risk factors. It identifies common back injuries associated with exposure to workplace risk factors. This course also covers prevention of common back injuries through simple exercises and how to report back injury risk factors in the workplace.

Audience: This program is excellent for all employees who may be exposed to unsafe back safety ergonomics in their workplace.

Prerequisites: This lesson is designed so that no prior knowledge is required.


  • Define ergonomics
  • Describe the anatomy of the back
  • Identify the causes of the most common workplace back injuries
  • Identify ergonomic risk factors
  • Define cumulative trauma disorders
  • Identify areas of the human body affected by ergonomic stress factors
  • Identify back injuries associated with awkward posture
  • Identify back injuries associated with repetitive motion
  • Identify back injuries associated with over-exertions
  • Describe the importance of proper lifting and material handling techniques
  • Describe how improper bending and lifting can affect the applied weight of an object
  • Describe proper preparation before lifting an object
  • Describe proper positioning, gripping and lifting techniques
  • Describe proper technique for moving with an object
  • Describe the proper use of manual devices for pushing vs. Pulling
  • Describe proper method of setting an object down
  • Describe an ergonomically correct work environment
  • Describe the importance of maintaining physical fitness for preventing back injury
  • Demonstrate back stretching exercise
  • Identify the dangers associated with improper exercises
  • Describe how to identify and prevent the onset of cumulative trauma