Fall Protection (1-2 hours of training)

This comprehensive interactive multimedia training program consists of one lesson that trains all employees whose work may take them into any setting in which they may injure themselves by falling or in which any object may fall upon them. It shows how to recognize potential hazards and what to do about them in terms of preferred work practices, required guards such as covers, railings and toeboards, and personal protective equipment including personal fall arrest systems, headgear and footgear.

Audience: This program is mandatory training for all employees who might encounter a situation that could lead to injury by falling.

Prerequisites: This lesson is designed so that no prior knowledge is required.


  • Identify and correct falling hazards such as holes and openings in floors and walls, stairways and ramps, margins of floors and walkways and tripping and slipping hazards on working surfaces
  • Describe the operation of personal fall arrest systems, inspect those systems for defects and know what action to take if the system fails inspection
  • Describe employer and employee responsibility in case a fall occurs
  • Describe the correct use of protective headgear and footgear and explain how to minimize the risk of material falling and striking workers