First Aid/CPR (1-2 hours of training)

This comprehensive interactive multimedia-training program consists of one lesson that provides general awareness training for all employees who may be required to administer first aid. It gives general principles of first aid and CPR and explains requirements concerning confined space rescue procedures as well as transportation of injured persons.

Audience: This program is mandatory training for all designated employees at facilities that are remote from medical facilities or for all employees who may enter a confined space.

Prerequisites: This lesson is designed so that no prior knowledge is required.


  • Describe proper regulating Upon completion of this lesson, participants will be able to define first aid, describe the legal issues of applying first aid (Good Samaritan Laws), and describe first aid and emergency rescue requirements in the workplace
  • Describe how to protect against transmission of disease in first aid emergencies and how to recognize and respond to various first aid emergency situations until qualified first aid personnel arrive on the scene
  • Describe the proper techniques for transporting injured persons
  • Describe the principles of administering CPR