Lab Safety (1-2 hours of training)

This comprehensive interactive multimedia-training program consists of one lesson that provides general awareness training for all employees who may come into contact with hazardous chemicals in the laboratory. It covers the chemical hygiene plan, safe laboratory operations, chemical hazards in the laboratory and exposure to hazardous chemicals.

Audience: This program is mandatory training for all lab employees.

Prerequisites: This lesson is designed so that no prior knowledge is required.


  • Be able to identify chemical hazards in the laboratory, describe their dangers, and practice lab safety when working with chemicals
  • Be able to describe how to procure and store chemicals safely, how to practice proper personal hygiene around chemicals, when to use personal protective equipment, and when to use a laboratory hood
  • The program also will serve as an introduction to the chemical hygiene plan, the spill control plan, and the medical monitoring safeguards required by OSHA for the benefit of the laboratory worker