Welding and Cutting Safety (1-2 hours of training)

This comprehensive interactive multimedia-training program consists of one lesson that trains participants in the safe use of oxygen or fuel-gas welding and cutting equipment.

Audience: This program is mandatory training for all employees who operate welding or cutting equipment.

Prerequisites: This lesson is designed so that no prior knowledge is required.


  • Know how an oxy-fuel torch system operates be familiar with oxy-fuel welding processes
  • Be familiar with oxy-fuel cutting processes
  • Know the necessary safety precautions to take around a work area using an oxy-fuel torch system
  • Know the necessary ppe to use with an oxy-fuel torch
  • Know how acetylene gas is created and its characteristics
  • Know the characteristics of propane gases
  • Know the characteristics of oxygen
  • Know the operating procedures of compressed gas cylinders
  • Know the transporting procedures of compressed gas cylinders
  • Know the proper storage procedures for compressed gas cylinders
  • Be able to attach a regulator to a compressed gas cylinder
  • Know how to check hoses for damage
  • Know how to connect hoses
  • Know how to properly start an oxy-fuel torch
  • Know how to properly turn off an oxy-fuel torch
  • Be familiar with the set up of manifold systems
  • Know the operating procedures for a manifold system
  • Know correct storage locations for a manifold system
  • Be familiar with service piping systems and their correct signs and markings