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Skills Assessment

Predetermine Your Training Needs with Our Web Based Assessment System

Utilize questions that span across all ITC courses, our Skills Assessments identify the gaps between your employees’ existing knowledge, skills and abilities to highlight areas where additional focus is needed.

An effective learning and development program for maintenance training is only as strong as the foundation of its assessment capabilities. Throughout the training process, a technician’s knowledge of subject matter needs to be evaluated. Use our Skills Assessments to identify your employees’ skills gaps.

Key points:

  • Determine the competency level of employees, students, or new hires
  • Assessments available for every course within ITC’s Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation and Safety series
  • Get detailed insight into your organization’s existing competency levels down to the individual
  • Establish a foundation for more effective learning and development plans and training measurement
  • Improve training ROI by delivering the right training to the right people at the right time
  • Eliminates unnecessary time spent taking courses in which employee has proved competencys
  • Automatically generate and assign individualized training curriculum based on deficiencies in the Assessment test results
  • Our Assessments are available on either a per course or library basis. If an employee passes the Assessment, no further action is necessary. If it is determined the technician has a gap in the subject and needs further reinforcement, our system automatically registers them for the corresponding course. Its that simple!

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