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Online Training

ITC Learning’s online skills courses are specifically designed for today’s industrial plant worker. Lessons use animation, graphics, audio, video and interactive exercises to augment and intensify the entire learning experience. Each Lesson is Menu-driven, allowing learners to take easy control of, and manage, their individual learning path. By focusing on the principles of see, hear, read and do, the courses encourage learning and heighten interest.

Each on-line course is made up of a series of individual lessons, an initial skills assessment at the beginning and a formal exam that must be passed to be awarded a certificate of completion. Each lesson is a self-paced comprehensive training program, with content divided into distinct learning topics. Topics present content through a series of teaching, review question, and practice exercise screens. All lessons contain a pretest, final test, learning topics, and a practice section.

Features and Benefits:

  • Comprehensive Courses
  • Seat Time of Approximately 1-2 Hours
  • Engaging, Media Rich Content
  • Compatible with Most Mobile Devices
  • Increase Compliance and Reduce Risk
  • Determine Competency Level of Employees
  • Track Completion and Certifications
  • Improve Workforce Performance