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Posts from March 2010

Maintenance Training Programs

March 25, 2010

One of our clients was discussing their maintenance training program, and  last week as they were performing some corrective maintenance he was impressed by what he observed.  This is what he shared with me: “.. our newest forklift off-line in order to isolate and then repair what was reported to be a brake line leak.  As we started to investigate the source of the leak, we found that the leak wasn’t from the brake...

Pneumatic Mechanical Training

March 10, 2010

An incredible amount of manufacturing systems use the force and power of air to run their machinery, which is why pneumatic mechanical training is so important. In pneumatic training, employees are taught to understand the system operation as a whole to determine how the different components affect the system. Because all pneumatic systems have a common basic function, our curriculum teaches employees the skills to deal with any pneumatic equipment. It’s important for...

Electrical Safety Training

March 1, 2010

In the industrial field, electrical safety training is just as important as plant safety. Equipments that are safe under normal working conditions can be unsafe when they’re not working properly. Any employee assigned to task associated with electrical energy should be qualified and trained to perform the job. Employees assigned to work near electrical equipment should at least know the common safety rules. ITC Learning’s electrical safety training course is the ideal...