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Rotating Equipment Predictive Maintenance & Alignment

This comprehensive training program consists of seven videotapes/DVD’s that train students in the principles and practices of predictive maintenance. Advanced alignment techniques are also covered.

Audience: This program is excellent both for the training of maintenance personnel and equipment operators as well as for the multi-craft training needs of process and manufacturing facilities.

Principles and Practices of Predictive Maintenance


  • Testing Methods
  • Trend Analysis
  • Purpose of Effective Predictive Maintenance Program
  • Vibration, Lubricant, and Trend Analysis

Vibration Analysis


  • Monitoring Vibration
  • Performing a Vibration Analysis
  • Determination of Velocity and Displacement

Lubricant and Trend Analysis


  • Principles of Lubrication Analysis
  • Trend Analysis
  • Taking Oil Samples
  • Reading Oil Analysis Report

Techniques for Extending Bearing Life


  • Handling and Storage
  • Proper Bearing Installation
  • Maintenance

Principles of Reverse Double Dial Alignment


  • Introduction to Reverse Double Dial Alignment
  • Determining Misalignment
  • Correcting Misalignment

Reverse Double Dial Alignment Procedure


  • Prealignment Measurements
  • Determining Misalignment
  • Correcting Vertical Misalignment
  • Correcting Horizontal Misalignment

Computerized and Laser Alignment


  • Computerized Alignment
  • Laser Alignment
  • Bracket Sag
  • Correcting Vertical and Horizontal Alignment
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