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Maintenance Training

How Others Have Tackled the Need for Industrial Training

June 14, 2012

Over and over again we stress the importance of manufacturing training, as it is critical to the development of industrial skill sets within any workforce. Some manufacturers choose to search for skilled laborers while others opt to implement industrial training programs to further the skills of their current employees.

Industrial Skills in High Demand

May 8, 2012

As we have previously noted, the U.S. manufacturing industry seems to be making a steady climb to recovery following the recent recession. While the industrial sector has proven to show some growth through the use of manufacturing training, the manufacturing market is incredibly different than it was in the years past. Competition has changed the way in which businesses function, innovate and hire. Today’s consumers look for cars, appliances and other products...

Manufacturing Activity Index Reaches 10 Month High

May 3, 2012

During the month of April, U.S. manufacturing rose at the fastest pace it has seen over the last 10 months. Hiring, production and the amount of new orders all increased in the past month. The boost in factories indicates a stronger economy than the recently released data had hinted at. The growth brings a sign of hope following last week’s report of slowed hiring in the early days of April. A trade...

5 Industrial Training Myths

April 24, 2012

Industrial training is perhaps one of the most important steps in workforce development. However, throughout the years many myths have come about as a result of both quality and poor manufacturing training. Some of these myths are listed below: 1. When the going gets tough, cut training. This is statement is not only false but it’s absurd. It’s understandable that deciding on what budgets to cut is not a simple task to...

Safety and Maintenance Training Essential for Efficiency

April 12, 2012

Industrial safety training is no joke. While accidents are inevitable, manufacturing managers should do all they can to prevent them. Aside from offering the safest work space possible, they can also provide industrial employees with the opportunity to take part in safety training. Manufacturing training which focuses on plant safety alone is critical to ensure safe practices during production. However, implementing quality maintenance training is equally as important. A workforce with a...

The Importance of Maintenance Training

April 5, 2012

Process and control training are critical to ensuring your plant floor it operating correctly and to its full potential. However, maintenance training is just as pertinent to warrant a successful production line. While instrumentation training and general industrial skills training are among the most popular courses opted to be implemented by managers, maintenance training is perhaps just as important and should be utilized as supplementary courseware. No matter what field you’re in,...

Get the Most from your Industrial Skills Training

March 15, 2012

So we have convinced you that industrial skills training is the greatest way to enhance your employee performance and boost your bottom line. But, now it’s time to determine exactly how you’ll implement your industrial training courseware. How can you be sure your adult learners are grasping and understanding the content you are offering? How will you track their progress so you can be reassured they are participating and successfully completing your...

When Productivity Slows Industrial Training Picks up the Pieces

March 13, 2012

Washington recently reported that U.S. employers added nearly 227,000 jobs during the month of February. The spike in hiring continued the greatest three month rise of job creation since the recession. The Labor Department noted that the unemployment rate remained at 8.3 percent during February, staying at its lowest percentage within the past three years. During the past three months the U.S economy has created an average of 245,000 jobs. A survey...

Another Month of Growth Shows Promise for 2012 Manufacturing

March 1, 2012

Thus far into the new year, the economy has seen promising growth. Factories have been fulfilling more orders, retailers have been making more sales and more jobs have been created as a result. On Wednesday morning, the Federal Reserve reported all 12 of the banking districts have seen growth all through January as well as during the first half of February. Thanks to the positive economic growth the manufacturing industry has also...

Industrial Training Tips

November 17, 2011

When it comes to training industrial employees, creating a program that is tailored to your organizations specific needs is key. If your training initiatives are not planned with your employees in mind, there’s a good chance you will not achieve your desired outcome. As a manager your priority is to make sure the implemented training program is effective and maximizes your return on investment. Here are a few tips to ensure your...

Ensure Your Employees’ Skills are as Current as Your Equipment

September 15, 2011

As technology continues to evolve the manufacturing industry is sure to follow. Computers and robotics have undoubtedly changed the industry and in some ways made it more accurate and efficient. The Association for Manufacturing Technology and The American Machine Tool Distributors Association reported that in July of this year, manufacturing technology consumption amounted to more than $500 million dollars. The amount shows a 93% increase from July of 2010, when machine tool...

Heavy Machinery Training

June 16, 2011

Heavy Machinery training is a must for any employees who will operate this type of equipment. Even experienced employees should take a heavy machinery training course because keeping up-to-date  refresher course is important to keep employees knowledgeable about certain aspects of the forklift or crane operation. The refresher course would cover the areas in which the machinery operator is weak or lacking in knowledge. Although manufacturing managers might know the benefits of re-training...